Welcome to Borne Naked!

The Secret to how the stylish stay organised.  Our beautiful bag liners are oh so practical and look great too.  Heres how it works.......

Swap bags in only a few seconds and never forget anything again.

One glance through the clear (‘Naked’) liner and you see your phone, fave lippy, hand cream, body spray, keys, iPod and ID – you’ve got it all, you can immediately find everything, and nothing gets left behind.

Plus the liners keep the inside of your bag looking as gorgeous as the outside, protecting the lining from leaky lip gloss, melted chocolate, soggy chewy and dreaded pen ink stains.

It’s the ultimate accessory for handbag lovers. If you have the one handbag you really love and use all the time, Borne Naked liners will keep your handbag perfectly organised. Or if you have a handbag collection, swap and change at a moment’s notice – easy as can be. The Borne Naked bag in a bag will make your life so much easier!