8 Steps to a Clean and Organised Pantry

Author: Cathy Maguire   Date Posted:6 August 2016 

This is an 8 step easy guide to cleaning out and organising your pantry.

8 Steps to a Clean and Organised Pantry

Before you start – Be prepared. 

Clean off you kitchen bench and have some clean garbage bags at the ready.  Also have an assortment of containers and labels, I like to use the chalk labels as it is so easy to change what they say!!  Put some music on to keep yourself motivated and allow at least 2 hours……. It can take awhile and its best to finish up with some time left over.

If you want to think ahead and you have deep shelves, you may want to invest in some racks to maximise space, it also helps to see things at the back if you have some step racks.

Ok now we start –

Step 1 – Choose a shelf to start on; the best one is the one at chest height, this is probably the one you use the most.  Take everything off the shelf and put them on the kitchen bench.  As you go look at the use by date and throw away anything that is past its use by/best by date. No exceptions.

Step 2 – Repeat this step with the next shelf which you wish to tackle, each time throwing away spoiled or out of date items.

Step 3 – Look at what you have left and anything that is not in a container needs to be put in one. This is the best way to keep things fresh and to allow easy storage.  Square or rectangular containers are definite space savers, round ones should only be used if you have ample space.

Step 4 – Your containers will need to be labelled, this makes it easy to find what you need at a quick glance. I love the chalkboard labels but use whatever you like or have at home.  If you have a clear container you could simply use the label from the package on the inside so you can see what it says. Whilst doing this it’s a good time to give your containers a quick wipe over. 

Step 5 – Now it’s time to clean your pantry shelves before you begin putting your containers back in, use something natural that leaves a nice smell; citrus is a nice smell for your pantry.

Step 6 – Regroup!  Before you can put things back you should put them into groups on the bench so it’s easy to see what can go where.

Step 7 – Reload!!  This is the good bit!  Put things back into their groups, putting the most used items on the shelf which is easiest to get to…….. though if you are like me the biccys go on the top shelf to make it harder to reach!!

Step 8 – Yay you have finished and can now enjoy your fresh, clean and organised pantry!!  Put a reminder on the calendar to do this regularly.  You could go for twice a year or four times.  A good idea is to do it at the beginning (or end) of each new season.  If you do it this often you will find that it won’t take as long as the first time.   

This is a great guide if you have never done this before or you are just unsure of where to start. 

Happy organising!!! 

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